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Welcome to Pretender 100, a drabble community for the show The Pretender. Though cancelled, it lives on in our hearts, minds and drabbles.

We have rather simple rules.

1. A drabble is a short fic, 100 words in length...no more, no less. If you're going to go over, try to make it a series rather than just one huge not-drabble.

2. Drabbles may be any pairing/characters, provided they stick to the challenge. Crossovers are allowed, as long as at least one of the characters is from the Pretender universe. Any rating is allowed, with appropriate warnings/cut tags. (PLEASE put anything R or over behind a cut!) Slash, het, and gen are all allowed, just indicate genre in a header so people have fair warning.

3. Challenges/topics will be posted each fortnight, on Friday. You will have two weeks to post your challenge responses. (Multiples are welcome!) You can suggest future challenge topics as a comment to the original challenge post.

4. Challenge responses should be their own post (i.e., not a reply to the challenge), with the challenge number in the subject.

5. For each drabble that has 100 words, you can choose a character from the series that you would give some "PEZ" to (i.e. Miss Parker gets some PEZ). The character with the most "PEZ" will win for that week. They "win" nothing, and no one is keeping score. Why we do this? Who knows.

6. If you put your drabble(s) behind a cut, please give us some indication what characters/genre it is. (Please cut R + stories)

7. Posting your drabble here gives us permission to archive it on Missing-Pieces and Pretenderfanfiction.net if you object to your drabble being archived let the maintainer know or indicate in your drabble header.

8. No flaming. Play nice.

9. Please, no off-topic or introductory posts. Feel free to introduce yourself by way of posting a first drabble.

Feel free to lurk, we're not going to hurt you if you don't post. Though we'd really like it if you did. Come on, give it a go.

Any questions about the community can be directed to the moderator.

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Missing Pieces a Pretender Fanfiction Archive, hosts pretender100 drabbles.

And a good link for checking your spelling and wordcount: SpellCheck.

Credit and thanks for the icon goes to sezzie_dee.

- last updated 5/12/05.