February 26th, 2006


The Evil Within

Title: The Evil Within
Author: KB
Rating: PG
Word Count: 120
Note: Well, I would have done Lyle, but someone already did him... *glares around*
PEZ to: Sydney, of course.

He didn’t look evil.

He wasn’t like Raines, whose appearance made people wary of him even before they got to know him. (Not that that actually happened often.) Lyle was too smooth, and most people realised before it was too late. Men, in particular, tended to be wary of the male Parker twin. Perhaps they sensed something. And Cox – one look at those eyes and sensible people ran for their lives.

But he, Sydney, was perhaps almost the classic depiction of a sweet, old man. At least on the outside. No one would think so if they looked into the depths of his black soul. But only Sydney saw what truly lurked there, and it terrified him. Terrified of himself.