February 6th, 2006

RainismBW Kilombre

challenge #56 responses

The Daisy Drabble Duo

Title: He Loves Me
Challenge:#56 – Five Words
Rating: K+
Word Count:138
PEZ: Miss Parker

A/N: What can I say? The Daisy inspired me…

She walked quietly through the woods stopping for a moment as the first red rays of the sun kissed the icy surface of the lake before continuing to her vantage point. She pulled her hat down on her head, and buttoned the collar of her coat against the frigid air.
The incessant cawing of a crow rent the silent dawn until the back door of the home opened and a figure dressed in black exited. Glancing around quickly, he missed the spy in the shadows. He turned around and gathered the raven haired beauty in the red negligee to him for a searing kiss.
Miss Parker leaned against the threshold after he’d gone, oblivious to the chilly morning air against her bare skin. She brought a red rose petal to her swollen lips, and sighed, “He loves me.”

Title: He Loves Me Not
Challenge:#56 -- Five Words
Word Count:159
PEZ: Zoe

A/N: That damn Daisy strikes again…

He’d brought her red roses. He’d brought Grandma a gardening hat. Grandma didn’t understand why she’d left her home to follow Jarod when he suddenly had to go east on business. Nor did she understand the insecurities that ate at her whenever he wasn’t near.
Women loved Jarod, young or old, his incessant questions and boyish charm seduced your heart. But loving him had brought her to this, skulking around in the Delaware woods at dawn, like some cold war spy. She didn’t hate the other woman. She didn’t hate him. She hated the woman loving him had made her become.
Jarod reached his car at last and slid into the driver’s seat. Within two beats of his heart he knew. On the passenger seat sat a picture of him kissing Parker and a bouquet of daisies whose petals had been removed. He pulled a red card from the pile of white petals, it read, “He Loves Me Not.”