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Hey everyone.

Most of you are certainly aware of this months' anniversary.
To celebrate this date (19th of September) Missing Pieces launched an Upgrade. Lots of new features.

On top of that, we also issued several challenges. One of the major challenge parts start as of now and for the other sign up is open as of now.

Better explanations can be found on the Challenges page here

So go and look, sign up and have fun!

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RainismBW Kilombre

Pretender's 10th anniversary challenge

Hey all my fellow Pretender fans, do you realize that September 19, 1996 will be the 10th anniversary of the premiere of the Pretender on NBC? So in order to celebrate this momentous occasion... I'd like to see everyone try to put together a little something to help commemorate this special day!
Those who make videos, make us a new video! Like to work in photoshop... create some new icons or wallpapers for us. This is our 10th anniversary... let's celebrate people!
I'm especially encouraging all Pretender fic writer's to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and come up with a little something to be posted on the 10th anniversary... exactly one month from today!
Any rating, any length, poetry or pose... whatever floats your pretender boat! *grin*
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PotC | Evil and apples

Challenge #62

Last fortnight's winner was Miss Parker.

This fortnight's challenge is junk food of all types.

We should have got to see Jarod discover M&Ms... or at least have him sort of remember them from before he was caught.

Suggestions welcome, etc etc.
PotC | Evil and apples

Challenge #61

Title: With Not A Bang
Rating: G.
Challenge: five words
PEZ: Miss Parker

Miss Parker didn’t die with them. Nothing in the hail of bullets touched her, sending pain throbbing down her spine, or crimson blooming on her shirt. Others died – Sydney, Angelo, Emily, but not her, and not Jarod.

She’s old now – nearly with them – far older than she ever expected to reach. Her life had always seemed like a candle burning at both ends, one too bright to last. It almost feels unfair for the wick to burn so long now, when all other lights were snuffed out.

Miss Parker watches the dawn rise, and waits. Only a few years to wait.
RainismBW Kilombre

challenge #61 response

Title: Good Things Come…
Author: maestra
Rating: R
Pretender 100 drabbles challenge: Five Words Part II – Challenge #61
Word Count: 104
PEZ: Miss Parker

A/N: For Miss Ginger, because I’m waiting ever so patiently for more chapters from her… and you know what they say, “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!”
*Splashes around in the gutter* Come on in, the water’s fine…

Stealthily she stole into the room, like the early dawn light which tinged the night sky. Silently she crept up to the bed where he lay sprawled wearing only a white sheet. She had the greatest urge to place her crimson lips against the bare golden skin at the base of his spine. No longer able to fight it, she did so.
The sleepy Pretender beneath her awoke with a groan, and rolling over, pulled her down capturing her beneath him. Then all coherent thought fled, as her world centered on the trailing kisses he left down her neck and upon her throbbing lips.

Challenge #61

Last fortnight (and some)'s winner was Sydney. Huzzah!

This fortnight's challenge is Five Words Part II.
Use the following five words in some way:

Special thanks to iamlovely for giving me this challenge idea.

Happy writing!

Challenge #60

My apologies for this being nearly a week late.

The winner of the last challenge was Broots.

This fortnight's challenge is world. Use it in a sentence, use it as a title, use it as a metaphor, whatever. Go nuts.

Also: Should challenges continue to run every fortnight, or every month? I'm just curious what works best for people.

Any suggestions for future challenges are very welcome!